08Aug 2006

Good Example: The Value of Family Meetings in Transferring Wealth to the Next Generations

In this month’s (August 2006) edition of Worth magazine, there are a number of articles which deal with the challenge of successfully transferring wealth to the succeeding generations. This is an area which I focus upon professionally — helping financially successful families figure out “how much” to leave to their heirs, and how to do so in a healthy way.

03Aug 2006

Let Them Grow Up and Become Adults: Relating Effectively to Your Adult Children

One of the most common themes I have seen in relationships between older adults and their children (who are now adults themselves) is how the kids (although they are 25, 30, even 40 and beyond) still act like “kids”. And part of this is because their parents continue to come to their rescue when their children make poor choices. Parents

02Aug 2006

Parenting Adult Children: You Can't Send Them to "Time Out" Anymore

The dynamics between parents and their kids changes as both get older — this is true when children move from toddlers to school-age to teens and beyond. It is especially true when they become adults. Here are some new skills needed in these adult-adult relationships (from article, “The New Generation Gap” in the July edition of Worth). To a great

02Aug 2006

The New Generation Gap: Parenting Adult Children

One of the trends that has become obvious in our culture is the issue of relationships between older adults — let’s say anywhere from mid-40’s (although that’s not old!) to eighty and beyond — and their adult children. These “adult children” range from late teen’s thru the 20’s & 30’s to individuals who are 40 and into their 60’s (sometimes

02Aug 2006

Getting Started — Blending Family & Business Life

Ok, friends, this is the beginning. The goal of this blog is to assist the myriad of individuals, family members, business owners, and people who work for family owned businesses to figure out how to successfully “put it together”. How do you live your life in a way that successfully blends your personal life, your family life and your career.

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