28Aug 2011

Some Fun Things Related to 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Friends, I thought I would just give you a brief update on issues regarding my book, the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, with Dr. Gary Chapman, and “happenings” on our website. The #1 question people ask is:  “How are book sales?” so I’ll answer that first. 1.  Book sales are going fine.  They aren’t meteoric but they have

13Aug 2011

Lessons Learned from Media Interviews

In the past two weeks since the launch of Dr. Chapman’s and my book, the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, I have had over 20 media interviews — radio (mostly), TV, and print.  It has been a fun and interesting experience — and I have more to do in the coming weeks. I thought I would share some

10Aug 2011

I really think the 5 Languages of Appreciation would be helpful in my office, but my boss isn’t interested. Is there any way you suggest I try to introduce them to him?

Jennifer, this is a common issue raised, especially after I speak to a conference. A lot of people say to me, “My boss really needs this book, but I don’t know how to tactfully introduce it to him.” We have found three different approaches that have been successful. First, go to the free resources section of the website and find

02Aug 2011

The Care and Feeding of High-Potential Employees

August 2011: Companies are losing high-potential employees at an alarming rate.  Research by the Corporate Leadership Council found that 25% of high potential employees plan to change jobs within the next 12 months (at a rate 2 ½ times five years ago).  Researchers are finding “a huge divide between what employers think motivates high-potentials and what actually motivates them”.  One CEO

01Aug 2011

5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace — Released Today!

Friends, I am excited that the book project I have been working on with Dr. Gary Chapman for the past 4+ years is fully released to the public today. It is available at , (Barnes & Noble),, and you can also go to bookstores and it should be there (it should be a “front table” display

21Jul 2011

Employee Recognition

July 2011: Employee recognition isn’t working well.   A recent study published found that 80% of the companies studied have employee recognition programs, but only 31% of the employees are perceived to be satisfied with the recognition they are receiving.   Possible reason?  The #1 reason for employee recognition was length of employment while doing one’s regular work at a high quality

17Jul 2011

Too Much Information — Tips for Managing Information Overload

“TMI”  (“too much information”) is a message teens and young adults sometimes send to their peers — or even their parents.  But usually it is used in the context of  “that is more personal or detailed information about that situation than I ever wanted to know.” As is becoming more and more obvious, however, “too much information” is an issue

03Jul 2011

Understanding the Allure of Fireworks (from a recovering fireworks addict)

I thought I would write  a piece that would attempt to help those thousands of wives and mothers who don’t understand why their husbands and sons (and sons-in-law) spend perfectly good money to blow up things and possibly set some part of the neighborhood on fire. And I use the terms “wives/mothers” and “husbands/sons” purposefully, because this does appear to

30Jun 2011

Dr. White, I work in a setting where I have ten people who report to me directly. In thinking about applying the languages of appreciation to my team, this seems overwhelming – I can’t monitor and encourage all ten at once. What should I do?

Ken, your situation is not uncommon in many business settings, and does create some challenges. Managers who have a lot of people whom they supervise can feel like showing individualized appreciation to their team members is unrealistic. And it would be, if you were trying to do so to all team members at once. Rather, we suggest you “divide and

24Jun 2011

Revisiting the Meaning of “Vacation”

This past week I had the privilege of taking a short vacation to the mountains in Colorado with my wife.  We had a delightful time (just the two of us, our four kids are ‘out and about’.)  We were in awe of the majesty of the mountains; we couldn’t believe how many trees there were (alive and dead); and we

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