30Apr 2007

How ADHD Characteristics Impact Work Performance (Positively and Negatively)

Individuals with ADHD can find that their ADHD has both negative and positive impact on their work.  It is important for employers who know that some of their employees are ADHD not to make sweeping generalizations about individuals with ADHD.  This is because, as we have discussed previously, ADHD workers will display a wide range of behaviors (because some ADHD traits

22Apr 2007

The Challenge of ADHD: Overdiagnosis + Keeping a Balance

ADHD and our Culture: Overdiagnosis As a psychologist who has specialized in diagnosing and working with ADHD individuals over the past twenty years, I firmly believe ADHD has been (and still is) over diagnosed — and that medications are used too much. Having said this, I think it is a mistake to “throw the baby out with the bath water”.

17Apr 2007

Adult ADD / ADHD: Myth, Excuse, or Reality?

I am going to post a three-part series on Adult ADD / ADHD. The first deals with understanding what ADD / ADHD really is. The second takes a look at the issue of overdiagnosis. The third discusses the impact of ADHD characteristics in the workplace. ADULT ADD / ADHD: MYTH, EXCUSE, OR REALITY? Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is one

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