Emotional Intelligence

27May 2007

How To Deal with Dysfunctional People — And Not Go Crazy Yourself

Last posting I described dysfunctional people and what behavior patterns characterize them. That is really the easy part.  The tough part is learning how to deal with dysfunctional people in our lives — whether they are family members, coworkers, employees, or neighbors — and to do so in a way that doesn’t make us go crazy (or so we don’t

21May 2007

What is a ‘Dysfunctional Family’ and How Does it Mess You Up?

Last entry we briefly discussed how one’s early life experiences shapes a person’s worldview and often continues to impact your values and decisions long into adulthood. I thought it would be good to extend this discussion into the realm of dysfunctional families. First, it is important (to me, at least) to communicate that I am as tired as anyone by

08Jan 2007

Complaining Business Owners & One of my favorite books

As I work with more and more business owners, as well as meet over lunch with friends who live in the business world, an increasing complaint I hear is the inability to find good quality employees. I have heard the following statements recently: “I am amazed at the poor quality of people who are applying for jobs. I can’t find

20Nov 2006

Thanksgiving is Actually Healthy for You: The Benefits of Gratitude

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, there are numerous columns and articles discussing various aspects of the holiday. I would like to take the opportunity to bring attention to the overall benefits to our lives of having a thankful attitude. In his bestselling book, What Happy Know, Dr. Dan Baker (who is the director of the well-known treatment program at

05Sep 2006

Emotional Intelligence & Lessons Learned from Millionaires

This past Sunday, one of the lead articles in Parade magazine (the magazine inserted into millions of Sunday newspapers) was on emotional intelligence. The article was written by Daniel Goleman, who is one of the “founding fathers” of the concept of emotional intelligence and who has written groundbreaking books on the subject (I personally have found Working with Emotional Intelligence

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