29Jan 2007

Six Steps to Developing Healthy Relationships

This past week I was asked to write a little piece of developing healthy relationships, for a local magazine. And I agreed to do so. After writing it (and then reading what I had written), it struck me as close to “pop psychology” as anything I have written in quite a while. Even so, the principles are true and can

28Nov 2006

Lessons to be learned from extended family time together

Having just completed the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we now have an opportunity to do some reflecting and learning from the experiences we just had. Many extended families were able to visit one another and spend some extended time together. This opportunity can be both rewarding and frustrating (and often is both). For many families, especially those in business together, the

23Oct 2006

A Major Obstacle to Growing as a Leader: Blaming Others

Due to the fact that I have worked as a psychologist and family coach over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of observing and interacting with thousands of individuals and families. Obviously, some people are more healthy and functional than others. And it is clear that we all have problems, so the existence or experience of having

16Oct 2006

“Even when he’s here, he’s not here”: The impact of 24/7 electronic availability on our personal lives.

This past week, two wives from two unrelated families used the exact same words to describe to me (and their husbands) a challenge they are experiencing in their homes: “Even when he is here, he is not ‘here’.” They went on to describe the phenomenon that has become a culture-wide struggle – the expansion of the world of work into

09Oct 2006

How to Build Relationships with Men: Side by Side

Recently, I gave the keynote address for a group of 40-50 family-business owners. The overall topic was “Raising Healthy Children in a Financially Successful Family”. One of my main points was that parents have to invest intentional time with their children – otherwise, schedules get busy, the time goes by, and all of a sudden, your children are grown (one

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