MBA Inventory

The Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory is an assessment tool developed by psychologist Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman, to accompany the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People.

The MBA Inventory assists supervisors, managers, and coworkers to be able to communicate appreciation to their colleagues in ways that are meaningful and which “hit the mark” for the person you want to encourage.

The inventory takes 15-20 minutes to complete online and an individual report is generated immediately which identifies the respondent’s primary language of appreciation, their secondary language of appreciation, and the language of appreciation which is least important to them.

We provide resources for creating a work group’s Group Profile and a template for gathering each team members’  action items.

Additionally, to address the unique characteristics of various work settings, we have created customized versions of the inventory for medical settings, the military, government agencies, schools, non-profit organizations & ministries, and long distance work relationships.

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