29Aug 2011

Friendly Workplace Linked to Longer Life

August 2011: “Friendly workplace linked to longer life” says a report cited by the NY Times.  Researchers have found that people who felt they had the support of their colleagues and generally positive social interactions at work were more likely to live longer than peers who felt they didn’t have emotional support in the workplace.  

02Aug 2011

The Care and Feeding of High-Potential Employees

August 2011: Companies are losing high-potential employees at an alarming rate.  Research by the Corporate Leadership Council found that 25% of high potential employees plan to change jobs within the next 12 months (at a rate 2 ½ times five years ago).  Researchers are finding “a huge divide between what employers think motivates high-potentials and what actually motivates them”.  One CEO

21Jul 2011

Employee Recognition

July 2011: Employee recognition isn’t working well.   A recent study published found that 80% of the companies studied have employee recognition programs, but only 31% of the employees are perceived to be satisfied with the recognition they are receiving.   Possible reason?  The #1 reason for employee recognition was length of employment while doing one’s regular work at a high quality

23Jun 2011

Dallas’s Secret Weapon: High Fives

June 2011: With 250 slaps, hugs, taps or bumps, the Mavericks are almost twice as touchy-feely as the Heat, who had only 134 instances of televised contact. In 2010, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, did a study that showed teams that high fived and touched each other more won more games. “Based on a review of ABC’s broadcasts of the

20May 2011

Honesty Is The Best Policy

May 2011: A recent study published in the journal, Personality and Individual Differences, shows that honesty and humility in employees are good predictors of them receiving high ratings by their supervisors. Check out a summary of the research here. “The Baylor researchers found that those who self-reported more honesty and humility were scored significantly higher by their supervisors for their job

02May 2011

Psychologically Healthy Workplace

May 2011: A recent survey completed by the American Psychological Association on “Stress in America” (reported in the May 2011 Monitor on Psychology) found that while 69% of employees report being satisfied with their jobs overall, only 46% of employees state they are satisfied with the recognition practices of their employer. “Creating a psychologically healthy workplace is good for employees and

25Feb 2011

Fortune’s Top Companies & How Their Employees Describe What They Value

February 2011: Fortune may have ranked the Best Companies to Work For in 2011, but the employees of the top rated companies had much more to say. The most popular words people used when citing their companies might surprise you. Out of the top 100 words, “pay” ranked #81, where as “people” ranked #1.  See the full article here.

15Jan 2011

Charities’ Contributions Down

January 2011: Charitable contributions were down at least 10% in 2010, according to the Chronicles of Philanthropy.  Non-profit organizations are having to reduce staff members due to lack of funding.  As a result, staff members are having to “do more with less” resources.

03Jan 2011

Wal-Mart Appreciation Plan

December 2010:  Wal-Mart has implemented a plan to show appreciation to their team members.  According to the NY Times, Wal-Mart has rolled out a new program called “Associates Out in Front” which they described as a  way for Wal-Mart to show workers “that we do appreciate you and that we have an ongoing commitment to listening to and addressing your

10Nov 2010

Research: Unhappy Workers Struggle in Life

December 2010: “Worker discontentment is taking a huge toll on quality of life both inside and outside the workplace”, according to the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology. “Employees who said they like their jobs are twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall … as those who are disengaged and happy at work.”   Happier workers report stronger

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