10Nov 2010

New Research: How to Double Employee Retention

December 2010: Employees’ retention rate can double.  Research reported in Organizational Dynamics shows that as an employee’s psychological well-being increases, their tendency to stay at their current employer lengthens significantly.  For every one-point increase (on a seven point scale) of psychological well-being, “the probability that an employee will stay with their current organization doubled” (emphasis added).

10Nov 2010

Dissatified Employees At Risk for Depression & Heart Disease

November 2010: Depression and heart disease are related to work dissatisfaction. Research published by the Gallup Organization reports that unhappy employees dread their work day and are twice as likely to struggle with depression.  They are also at greater risk for heart disease, as described in the book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements (Gallup Press, 2010).

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