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Should appreciation for staff members only occur when they are performing well? Is there a place for appreciation when someone “messes up”?

09Nov 2010

Great questions, Donna!  You are right on target. We believe the process of communicating appreciation should not be solely performance based.  Although supervisors want to support and reinforce positive behaviors demonstrated by their staff, workers need to be encouraged when they are having an “off day”, too!  In fact, we could argue that when a teacher “loses it” with a student or reacts inappropriately to a situation, it can be a key time to communicate encouragement to them.  Although the staff member may need gentle correction, severely chastising them for their error is usually not helpful.  And a comment like, “Marie,it looks like you are having a challenging day.  Is there anything I can do to be of help or support to you?” may be really meaningful to your team member.

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