I am thoroughly enjoying the speaking and training I am doing around the country.  Here is some information to help you determine how I might best serve your organization.

For many people, finding a speaker is a new (or relatively new) responsibility, and can feel overwhelming. So I’d like to give you some important framing questions to consider as you evaluate potential speakers:

  • What do you hope to gain for the attendees?
  • What do you want them to “take away” from the event?
  • What are important characteristics of your group, of the venue setting, of the time of day of the speech that will affect the event?
  • Are there style or background characteristics that are important for this speaker to have?

My goals are to meet the needs of your group, have a positive energetic time together, and to provide you practical information that you can use immediately. Contact us to discuss the best ways to make these happen for your group.

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