Testimonials About Dr. White

“I picked up Dr. White’s book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, when I was meandering through a Christian bookstore. The title intrigued me as I’d heard of The Five Love Languages that was published much earlier. It was a quick read that I finished on a trip to Europe. The idea of authentic appreciation really hit home with me. Too much of the time, we focus on rewards and recognition only. These can be strong motivators, but they often only apply to a company’s top performers. I asked a group of individuals to read the book from my organization and the content resonated with them as well. We collectively decided to invite Dr. White to present to our entire organization. He did a fantastic job of combining his passion with both intellect and humor. He connected well with my team and since his speech, we’ve changed our focus to landing authentic appreciation in a real way across the organization. Speaking of authentic appreciation… Dr. White, thank you for your inspiration and practical advice!”

Andy Erlandson, General Manager, Microsoft

“The 5 Languages of Appreciation is one of the most down-to-earth and helpful approaches to giving great feedback…The key is for managers to know which Languages of Appreciation their employees positively respond to, and to communicate appreciation regularly and genuinely”

“Many managers make the mistake of mainly showing the expressions of appreciations that they personally respond to. It’s a natural instinct, but one that should be realized and adjusted”

Karl Moore, Ph.D., Associate Fellow, Green Templeton College, Oxford University

 “This was the best presentation on employee appreciation I have heard in 35 years. . . Very, very practical.”

Tom Sanders, Chief Medical Director, Department of Veterans Affairs

 “Dr. Paul White has an interesting combination of characteristics. On the one hand, he is humorous, engaging and an energetic presenter – like an entertainer. But, on the other hand, he has a relaxed, conversational style which makes him approachable and easy to relate to. The information he shares is practical and relevant to virtually anyone, regardless of their position in an organization. I would highly recommend Dr. White to others – he will be enjoyed by and beneficial to a wide range of industries and organizations”

Barbara Weathers, VP Programs and Events – Association for Talent Development (ATD-KC)

 “Our partnership with Dr. Paul White has been fantastic! They have our best interest in mind. Very flexible with the approach, making sure we customize something that works really well for our environment…”

Joel Lamoreaux, Corporate trainer – Deluxe Corp

“During my first full year as CEO of a Chicago area-based association, one of my top priorities was the enhancement of our organization’s internal culture. The 5 Languages of Appreciation book and accompanying tools were an integral part of this effort…”

Stephen P. Stahr, CEO – Million Dollar Round Table

“Dr. White was absolutely fantastic!!  We are collectively very appreciative of the time he shared with us and the humor he brought to our sometimes entirely too self-involved small community.

I think Dr. White’s presentation single-handedly boosted morale and lubricated worthwhile connections among those sitting across several unspoken divides — either in the hierarchy or in their different departments and sitting snugly within our individual professional disciplines.

I have never heard this group share this much laughter.  Somehow he managed to find a collective funny bone without offending even those with a somewhat desiccated sense of humor.  And we know about the healing powers of laughter.

Thank you so much!”

Patricia Shane, Ph.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, Touro University – California

 “I believe in the message Dr. White and Dr. Chapman communicate. How we care for one another in the community, our workplace, and in our families directly relates to our uniqueness as individuals, apart from our performance. I could very easily apply this to my work with youth, in building them into more confident adults.

The simple message of appreciation builds up community and reinforces the concept that everyone has personal value. His talk reminded me that sharing appreciation with others is one thing we can all do, regardless of our job description.”

Mike Kriwiel, CEO Pyxis, Inc.

 “In a business environment where employees are often over-worked and under appreciated, it is important to personally communicate encouragement to our colleagues, superiors, customers and vendors. Dr. White’s 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace presentation addresses this timely issue, with insight and relevance. His style is engaging and effective, teaching us how to impact our workplace and community with genuine encouragement.”

John Duncan, PhD, CPA, Dean of School of Business
Charleston Southern University

 “Dr. White’s material is relevant, particularly to our ever-changing, multi-generational workforce. His appreciation concepts are beneficial to everyone in the workforce, regardless of a person’s level in the company. His information has helped me feel more aware of issues relating to appreciation in my workplace and in society.”

John Rolfe, Houston Convention Bureau

 “As a chaplain, I care for staff as well as patients. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to boost staff morale. When I heard about the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace seminar, I was eager to attend. Dr. Paul White’s message resonated with what I am trying to achieve – and went further. I recommend this program to anyone interested in improving employee loyalty and productivity as they inspire a positive workplace environment.”

Ruth Snapp, Hospital Chaplain

“Great presentation on The 5 Languages of Appreciation. I know that we stand with other agencies and ministries who can really benefit from your teaching and leadership in this critical area for our overall health as a college community”

Dr. Keith J. Hamilton, President – Alaska Christian College

“In team dynamics, knowing each other’s “language of appreciation” can make the difference between the team that gels and becomes synergistic, and those that never quite make it.”

Lester J. Hirst, Ph.D. Curriculum & Professional Development Manager – Compassion International

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