05Dec 2010

It's Time to Think about the 4th of July

Yes, I know it is winter and Christmas is approaching quickly. No, this isn’t about keeping warm by visualizing warmer weather. Now is the time to start thinking about a family “get together” next summer. If you want to have family events, a holiday weekend, or even a common family vacation, you need to start planning now. Many of us

28Nov 2010

Using Family Traditions to Transfer Family Values

A common issue for most of the families with whom I work is the desire to pass their core values on to the next generations (children and grandchildren). Utilizing family traditions, especially during the holidays, can be extremely impactful in this process. Let me share from our family’s experience — how family traditions can intertwine with reinforcing important family values.

14Nov 2010

Common Concerns in Transferring Wealth — Confirmations from Princeton

Last week I had the opportunity and privilege of being one of three facilitators at an event at Princeton University entitled, “Conversations about Family, Wealth & Philanthropy”. With my long-time friend, Doug Bauer (CEO of the Clark Foundation, formerly of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors) and my new friend, William Zabel (well-know estate planning attorney in NYC and author of The Rich

10Nov 2010

Research: Unhappy Workers Struggle in Life

December 2010: “Worker discontentment is taking a huge toll on quality of life both inside and outside the workplace”, according to the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology. “Employees who said they like their jobs are twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall … as those who are disengaged and happy at work.”   Happier workers report stronger

10Nov 2010

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10Nov 2010

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10Nov 2010

New Research: How to Double Employee Retention

December 2010: Employees’ retention rate can double.  Research reported in Organizational Dynamics shows that as an employee’s psychological well-being increases, their tendency to stay at their current employer lengthens significantly.  For every one-point increase (on a seven point scale) of psychological well-being, “the probability that an employee will stay with their current organization doubled” (emphasis added).

10Nov 2010

Dissatified Employees At Risk for Depression & Heart Disease

November 2010: Depression and heart disease are related to work dissatisfaction. Research published by the Gallup Organization reports that unhappy employees dread their work day and are twice as likely to struggle with depression.  They are also at greater risk for heart disease, as described in the book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements (Gallup Press, 2010).

09Nov 2010

Should appreciation for staff members only occur when they are performing well? Is there a place for appreciation when someone “messes up”?

Great questions, Donna!  You are right on target. We believe the process of communicating appreciation should not be solely performance based.  Although supervisors want to support and reinforce positive behaviors demonstrated by their staff, workers need to be encouraged when they are having an “off day”, too!  In fact, we could argue that when a teacher “loses it” with a

05Nov 2010

Rethinking Family Businesses & Cultural Biases and Questionable Research

Last week I had the privilege in participating in a “think tank” about family businesses at Pepperdine University. Led and organized by Dr. Ken Canfield (formerly the director of the National Center for Fathering, now the director of the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine), a small group of professionals who serve family businesses met for two days discussing

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