21Dec 2011

The Most Important Factor for a Pleasant Family Holiday Celebration

As we all approach the Christmas holiday weekend, many people’s anxiety level is rising.  Why?  Because we are starting to think about the upcoming visit with our family.  You may be going to your parents’ home (or your in-laws’) or family members are coming to your home, or you may gather at one of your (or your spouse’s) siblings homes. 

17Nov 2011

Utilizing Thanksgiving as a Reminder to Appreciate Your Staff

Thanksgiving is the holiday where we are encouraged to be thankful for the good things in our lives – health, safety, adequate food, clothing, and shelter, as well as the many material blessings we have. For most people, Thanksgiving is usually more of a personally-focused celebration, including sharing meals and time with family and friends.But the Thanksgiving holiday season can

11Nov 2011

How to Avoid Holiday Burnout

“The holidays.”  Those two words are packed with memories, fleeting media images and mixed emotional reactions.  The Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s holiday season has begun, and if you are like me, with them come a rapid succession of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, wonder, and a sense of tiredness (and I haven’t even done anything yet.) We are planning the extended family Thanksgiving gathering

08Nov 2011

I keep hearing more and more about “employee engagement”. Exactly, what is it? And why is there so much news about it?

Employee engagement is a business management concept that has become “hot” in the past five years.  It is essentially the degree to which an employee is emotionally attached to their job, colleagues and organization.  One reason it has been in the news is because:  a) it is measureable (which business and organizational leaders like); and b) it has been shown

01Nov 2011

What Motivates Employees?

November 2011: “Being treated with respect” was the top characteristic identified for U.S. & Canadian workers of what motivates them and makes them feel engaged at work, according to a report just released in Mercer’s October 2011 What’s Working survey report. Click here to see the full list of factors that influence motivation and engagement at work globally.

28Sep 2011

September 2011: The key to motivating and engaging employees is to demonstrate how much a company cares according to 78% of human resources executives surveyed by Harvard Business Review Analytic services. Source: The New Employee Relationship, Unum 2011 – (PDF).  

16Sep 2011

Employees In Search Of A Caring Company

September 2011: 87% of job hunters said it’s very important to work for a company that cares about their well-being according to a recent study by Rated higher than job security and a high base salary, many job seekers find this characteristic in a potential employer very enticing.  

13Sep 2011

American Workforce is Less Engaged

September 2011: Only 7% of employees believe senior management’s actions are consistent with their words. According to the 2011 Employee Engagement Poll by Maritz Research found that the American workforce is less engaged with its employers than it was in 2010. Only 12% of the respondents report believing their employer genuinely listens to and cares about its employees.

05Sep 2011

5 Tips for Improving Your Workplace

Labor Day used to be a day to recognize the benefits of organized labor and, more broadly, celebrate the American work ethic. More recently, however, it serves as a painful reminder of the deterioration of the American workplace. The national statistics, with unemployment between 9 percent and 17 percent depending on whom you ask, are bad enough. But even for

29Aug 2011

Friendly Workplace Linked to Longer Life

August 2011: “Friendly workplace linked to longer life” says a report cited by the NY Times.  Researchers have found that people who felt they had the support of their colleagues and generally positive social interactions at work were more likely to live longer than peers who felt they didn’t have emotional support in the workplace.  

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