07Dec 2012

How to Give a Meaningful Gift to Your Boss (or Colleagues)

Now is the time when many of us are starting to think: “I’d like to get my boss a gift for Christmas — just a little something — but what?  I don’t want it to look like I’m trying to gain her favor.  But I don’t want just to give her some token ‘something’ that will look schmaltzy.  (And I

21Nov 2012

Interviewed for Fortune/ article

November 2012. See the Fortune / article where Dr. White is interviewed, “The Best Way to Give Thanks at Work.”

12Nov 2012

How the “CDC” Can Help You Prevent Negative Character in Your Children

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta are known worldwide for their work in preventing outbreaks of diseases and research in understanding viruses and bacteria.  Now, the CDC can help us in understanding how to successfully transfer positive values to our children and future generations.  But I am talking about a different “CDC”. One of the most common issues

29Oct 2012

Getting Beyond Money

October 2012:  Research indicates an increasing focus on non-cash rewards and recognition in motivating employees. The McKinsey Group’s research found that more than 50% of executives surveyed believed intangible rewards were effective at increasing productivity. Over 65% of the companies surveyed reported they had formal recognition and non-cash reward programs. Almost 70% reported that they found Gift Cards to be either

02Oct 2012

Fund An Entrepreneur

September 2012:  New Joint Venture with World Vision. Support a Third World Entrepreneur by donating money for a loan and receive a FREE copy of the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, along with a mailer and postcard which allows the book to be sent to others. Go to for more information.

30Sep 2012

There ARE Jobs Out There for Young Adults

The level of unemployment in our nation is at one of the highest levels since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Although the official “unemployment rate” cited by the government and media continues to hover around 8% of the national workforce, it is well documented that this is almost assuredly an underestimate of those who would like to be working

27Aug 2012

Recently, I heard you speak and you indicated that you are finding that 25-30% of the general population report they do not want public recognition in the form of an award in front of a large group. Can you clarify what it is about public recognition they don’t like?

Great question, Barry, because I am finding that there are different aspects of receiving an award or recognition in front a large gathering that make people nervous. First, some people just don’t like the “spotlight”; they don’t want people’s focus and attention to be solely on them.  And they would prefer not to have to deal with it. Others are

26Aug 2012

The Commonalities between Healthy Organizations & Successful Individuals

Recently, I was privileged to hear Patrick Lencioni speak at the Willow Creek Association Leadership Summit, and I have also been reading his excellent book, The Advantage. Patrick believes that, while most companies and organizations have the technical and knowledge aspects of business down, “the advantage” the more successful organizations and businesses have is being a “healthy organization”.  He defines

08May 2012

I have read that employee engagement is actually declining among workers in the U.S. and across the world. Why is this happening, even though many companies and organizations are focusing more on employee recognition?

Employee engagement has been shown to be a powerful factor in predicting how well a company performs in the marketplace and is related to many positive factors in employees (productivity, longevity, creative problem-solving).  Unfortunately, researchers have found that the percentage of employees who are totally disengaged or are only marginally engaged in their work is at the lowest point since

02Apr 2012

First Reflections from my Trip to Beijing

I have just returned from a week in Beijing, China, where I was invited to attend a conference sponsored by the publisher who is translating and publishing Dr. Chapman’s and my book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, in Chinese. The conference attendees were various Western business and organizational leaders and we were addressed by a variety of

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