24Sep 2010

2 for 1: Recent Research on ADHD & Why "Research" is Confusing

I have two interrelated issues to discuss this week. First, there has been some significant research come out on ADHD & ADD individuals recently that will be helpful to know about. Secondly, I want to talk about “research” and why it is so confusing to understand (and how the mainstream media screws up our thinking so much in how they

02May 2010

Facing the Facts: The Negative Impact of Video Games on Our Youth

I have been “holding off” on writing this blog, partly for fear of sounding like Chicken Little (“The sky is falling”, “TV rots your brains”, “Video games are evil”) and partly for fear of sounding like an old fogie (“Things were better when we played dominoes by candlelight”). But I cannot hold my tongue any longer. Just today I received

15Apr 2010

Lessons Learned (for Daily Life) from 20 Years of Testing Students

Traveling a few weeks ago, I was reflecting on one of the professional activities I have done for over 20 years — testing students of various ages for possible learning difficulties (ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities). I realized I have learned a lot of lessons from the process — interviewing parents; testing students from 5 years old through elementary school, high

08Nov 2009

The Exciting Growing Field of Evidence-Based Cognitive Training

Would you like to: remember better what you have read? hold onto more information in your head? be better at figuring out multiple-step math problems? remember where you place items? recall what you wanted to say earlier in a conversation? not forget what to get from a room you just went into? stay mentally focused better during conversations or lectures?

09Aug 2009

Adult ADD / ADHD — Understanding it; What Can Be Done to Help

Given the multiple “hats” that I wear professionally, some people know only about certain areas of service I provide (for example, consulting with successful business families) and not with other areas (evaluating individuals with ADD / ADHD and learning difficulties).  So I thought I would share some about the ADD / ADHD side of my work. Although many people talk

05May 2008

Groundbreaking Research Released This Week – Improving Your Intellectual Abilities

Earlier this week (Monday, April 27), the National Academy of Sciences released some pretty amazing research that was picked up by the New York Times and other major media. For the first time ever, scientists have identified a cognitive training process that actually increases a person’s intelligence (aside from teaching the test items on an intelligence test!) The training process,

24Feb 2008

Wow! Learning new stuff is great. Remembering it is even better!

Ok, so last week I went to Chicago for two days of training in a new way of increasing your working memory. Wow. I don’t get too excited about new stuff that comes on the market — anything, cars, weight loss programs, financial products, and especially in the realm of psychology and self-help. Given that I am now 50, I

30Apr 2007

How ADHD Characteristics Impact Work Performance (Positively and Negatively)

Individuals with ADHD can find that their ADHD has both negative and positive impact on their work.  It is important for employers who know that some of their employees are ADHD not to make sweeping generalizations about individuals with ADHD.  This is because, as we have discussed previously, ADHD workers will display a wide range of behaviors (because some ADHD traits

22Apr 2007

The Challenge of ADHD: Overdiagnosis + Keeping a Balance

ADHD and our Culture: Overdiagnosis As a psychologist who has specialized in diagnosing and working with ADHD individuals over the past twenty years, I firmly believe ADHD has been (and still is) over diagnosed — and that medications are used too much. Having said this, I think it is a mistake to “throw the baby out with the bath water”.

17Apr 2007

Adult ADD / ADHD: Myth, Excuse, or Reality?

I am going to post a three-part series on Adult ADD / ADHD. The first deals with understanding what ADD / ADHD really is. The second takes a look at the issue of overdiagnosis. The third discusses the impact of ADHD characteristics in the workplace. ADULT ADD / ADHD: MYTH, EXCUSE, OR REALITY? Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is one

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