21Dec 2007

Leading the Family During the Holidays

This is the time of year when families gather together – college students are on break, young adults return home to visit, and the extended family celebrates Christmas and New Year’s together. So it is also the time when parents who have been successful in business turn their focus to their family. This is both a good thing and it

09Dec 2007

The Gift of Failure

Earlier this week, I had the unique opportunity of a quiet evening alone at home. I had been working fairly hard, so I decided to “kick back” a little and I rented a movie. Now, my movie watching patterns are different than most adults. Given the type of work I do, I usually am not that interested in some high

29Sep 2007

Business Lessons from Music

Music, and how it is performed, seems to serve as an interesting analogy to business. A solo features a single, star performer – and in the true sense of a soloist, they perform totally by themselves (although they may sing while accompanying themselves on an instrument). Truly talented soloists are entertaining and able to maintain the audiences attention. But less

13Sep 2007

Work / Life Balance and the Superball

This week I have been asked to present to my local Chamber of Commerce on “Work / Life Balance”. After thinking about it for a while, I chose to use the Superball as an object lesson. Now for those of you who are young and don’t know much about the Superball, let me fill you in. The Superball was marketed

02Sep 2007

Finally, Realistic Expectations for Leaders

I am excited. I finally have come across an article on leadership that doesn’t expect every leader to “have the intellectual capacity to make sense of unfathomably complex issues, the imaginative powers to paint a vision of the future that generates everyone’s enthusiasm, the operational know-how to translate strategy into concrete plans, and the interpersonal skills to foster commitment to

10Jun 2007

What is a “Good Work Ethic”, really?

When I talk to business owners and managers and ask them what they are looking for in potential employees, “a good work ethic” is always one of the characteristics cited. (This is also a frequent response from parents when they are asked what character qualities they desire for their children.) Unfortunately, today there are many factors which have undermined this

01Jun 2007

Six Principles of Positive Relationships (Reprise)

Yesterday, I was pleased and honored that the Wichita Eagle chose to publish an article I had written which was based on an earlier blog entry.  The article, entitled Six Principles of Positive Relationships, can be viewed on their website, if you are interested.  

02Apr 2007

The Role of Perseverance in Success

This week I have been reading Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth. I have always been intrigued with Franklin, and I also am personally committed to learning from successful individuals across history. Two of his key themes in The Way to Wealth are the interrelationship between the practice of frugality and industry. To cite some of Franklin’s comments: “It is

21Feb 2007

About Leadership: Asking the Right Questions

The final article on leadership in the January 2007 American Psychologist ,“Asking the Right Questions About Leadership” by J. Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman, attempts to summarize the issues raised by the authors of the key contributing articles. Hackman & Wageman suggest that a new set of questions need to be asked to better understand leadership. They contrast previously asked

11Feb 2007

Leadership = Wisdom + Intelligence + Creativity (synthesized)

Robert Sternberg is one of my favorite authors. He has written a wonderful book entitled, Successful Intelligence. In the January 2007 American Psychologist he summarizes his “systems model of leadership.” Although he agrees that “the environment strongly influences” the display of leadership, Sternberg clearly believes there are characteristics that set leaders apart from others. CREATIVITY. Leaders are able to generate

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