Career Development

14Nov 2006

“Is the Cost of College Worth the Investment?” is the Wrong Question

A very frequent topic of discussion, books and articles today is the question: “Is the cost of college worth the investment?” Often proponents cite historical data of the cumulative increase in income a college graduate earns over their career in comparison to high school graduates. This then leads to a variety of issues addressing variations or derivatives of the global

05Sep 2006

Emotional Intelligence & Lessons Learned from Millionaires

This past Sunday, one of the lead articles in Parade magazine (the magazine inserted into millions of Sunday newspapers) was on emotional intelligence. The article was written by Daniel Goleman, who is one of the “founding fathers” of the concept of emotional intelligence and who has written groundbreaking books on the subject (I personally have found Working with Emotional Intelligence

11Aug 2006

Globalization and Career Development – One Problematic Result: Too Many Choices

In my work with families across the country, most of them significantly wealthy families, one issue I continually address is the challenge of career development and college choice for young adults. Globalization, as Thomas Friedman has shown in his book The World is Flat, is a huge factor affecting career choices today ( “The great irony is that children from

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