21Feb 2007

About Leadership: Asking the Right Questions

The final article on leadership in the January 2007 American Psychologist ,“Asking the Right Questions About Leadership” by J. Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman, attempts to summarize the issues raised by the authors of the key contributing articles. Hackman & Wageman suggest that a new set of questions need to be asked to better understand leadership. They contrast previously asked

11Feb 2007

Leadership = Wisdom + Intelligence + Creativity (synthesized)

Robert Sternberg is one of my favorite authors. He has written a wonderful book entitled, Successful Intelligence. In the January 2007 American Psychologist he summarizes his “systems model of leadership.” Although he agrees that “the environment strongly influences” the display of leadership, Sternberg clearly believes there are characteristics that set leaders apart from others. CREATIVITY. Leaders are able to generate

08Feb 2007

Leadership May Not Come From Leaders But From Situations That Demand Leadership

As I have stated in an earlier post, the January 2007 edition of the American Psychologist reviews the psychological research on leadership. I would like to share some thoughts from a fascinating article entitled, “The Role of the Situation in Leadership” by Victor Vroom (professor at Yale) & Arthur Jago (professor at the University of Missouri). The authors start out

29Jan 2007

Six Steps to Developing Healthy Relationships

This past week I was asked to write a little piece of developing healthy relationships, for a local magazine. And I agreed to do so. After writing it (and then reading what I had written), it struck me as close to “pop psychology” as anything I have written in quite a while. Even so, the principles are true and can

21Jan 2007

Psychologists are finally getting around to studying leadership

I just received the 2007 January edition of the American Psychologist, which is the flagship journal of the American Psychological Association. This whole edition is dedicated to the topic of leadership. This fact, in and of itself, is amazing. As Robert Sternberg, one of the foremost research psychologists on leadership states in the foreword: “The United States became a great

13Jan 2007

Family Issues to Address in Transferring the Business to the Next Generation

In my working with a variety of family businesses, one of the key issues to address is to develop a succession plan for the ownership of the business. That is, who will own the business in the future (and when, and how will this occur)? Obviously, the current owners want to receive fair financial remuneration and they usually want to

08Jan 2007

Complaining Business Owners & One of my favorite books

As I work with more and more business owners, as well as meet over lunch with friends who live in the business world, an increasing complaint I hear is the inability to find good quality employees. I have heard the following statements recently: “I am amazed at the poor quality of people who are applying for jobs. I can’t find

08Jan 2007

Sometimes Old is Better Than the New: Reviewing the Classics

In thinking about the New Year, making goals and New Year’s resolutions, I tend to go back to those books which have impacted me over the years.  I thought I would share some gleanings from these books. First Things First by Stephen Covey “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” “Humility truly is the mother

12Dec 2006

Christmas Gift Giving Can Be Character Training

Believe it or not, your approach to buying and giving gifts for Christmas can have a significant impact in the character development of your children and grandchildren. For wealthier families, I believe the gift giving process can affect how well the wealth transfer process in your family goes in the future. (However, the principles are applicable no matter the financial

05Dec 2006

Managing Our Stress: Let’s get practical

Ok. We are in the holiday season. And now we will be bombarded with articles about the stress of the holidays — family gatherings, shopping, managing our finances, holiday parties and concerts to attend, traveling, and so forth. And it is true — the Christmas season and New Year’s tend to create more stress for us. But the problem I

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