Stress management

17Feb 2008

Trying to Apply Leadership Principles — Being Prepared, Adjusting to Circumstances & Learning

I write about the principles of leadership that I either observe in successful business owners and managers, or what I read in books and articles on leadership. So it makes sense that I should try to apply these principles, as well. Here I am, waiting in an airport, delayed due to weather in Chicago (where I am hoping to go).

29Jan 2008

What Do You Do When You Are Overwhelmed?

Ok. Confession time. I am feeling overwhelmed. It seems like I have more work (and other life tasks) to do than I have time and mental (or emotional) energy. [I can hear the thoughts now: “Physician (or psychologist), heal thyself!”] Let me explain the reasons for my current condition (from my perspective, that is; my wife will probably have other

23Sep 2007

The Healing Power of Music — or Whatever Does it For You

A week ago, I had the privilege of attending a music festival with my son, Daniel.  Although the festival is several days long (and many people go and camp out, playing music all night long), we were only able to go for one long day. For those who are not familiar with it, the Walnut Valley Festival can sound like a

13Sep 2007

Work / Life Balance and the Superball

This week I have been asked to present to my local Chamber of Commerce on “Work / Life Balance”. After thinking about it for a while, I chose to use the Superball as an object lesson. Now for those of you who are young and don’t know much about the Superball, let me fill you in. The Superball was marketed

08Jul 2007

Contentment: A Countercultural Concept

Contentment. This is one character quality  you don’t hear much about these days. In fact, being content is really a countercultural concept.  I haven’t recently (or ever, actually) heard a commercial say, “Keep what you have.  Fix it up a little or just make it work a while longer. You don’t need to go buy something new.” We are bombarded

28Jun 2007

Steps to Making Your Vacation Work for You (Personally and Professionally)

Summer is obviously the traditional time for family vacations, due to the fact that students (and many educational instructors) have the summer off of school. As a result, the family vacation is on many individuals’ minds. Having just returned from my own vacation, I thought I would share some thoughts that may help your vacation be a profitable one for

04Jun 2007

Frustration – Understanding and Managing It

“I’m so frustrated with . . . ” is a frequent complaint in our daily lives.  I hear it from clients, from friends, from family members, and I say it fairly frequently. One of the challenges with understanding and managing “frustration” is that it can have more than one meaning.  So, often it is important to clarify what people mean

12Mar 2007

The Concept of "Rest" in the Balance of Life

I have often been asked to speak on managing stress, work & life balance, and similar topics. But I have never been asked to speak about (and I have never seen an article on) rest. This is one of those postings that clearly comes from my personal experience (and is one of those topics I am giving myself the liberty

05Dec 2006

Managing Our Stress: Let’s get practical

Ok. We are in the holiday season. And now we will be bombarded with articles about the stress of the holidays — family gatherings, shopping, managing our finances, holiday parties and concerts to attend, traveling, and so forth. And it is true — the Christmas season and New Year’s tend to create more stress for us. But the problem I

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