Career coaching

Almost every family has someone who is struggling in finding their career path.  This became more clear to Dr. White over the past decade, as he worked with financially successful families across the country.  The challenges are essentially the same, whether it is:

  • a high school student figuring out where to go to college
  • a college student trying to decide on a major
  • a college graduate looking for work
  • an unemployed twentysomething
  • an adult looking to change careers, or
  • a family member who doesn’t “fit” in the family business.

Trained in career assessment and coaching and having worked in university counseling centers, Dr. White is able to help individuals:

  • Reduce the anxiety of not knowing “what you want to do” with your life.
  • Save time by helping you identify the career paths you should avoid.
  • Avoid college courses that will not help you figure out your career path.
  • Connect you with experts in your field of interest.
  • Accelerate your career development by giving you specific actions steps that will help you determine the best career path to pursue.

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