Family Business Coaching & Consulting with Dr Paul White

Dr. White has been working with successful families and businesses across the country for over 15 years..  Having grown up in a family-owned business, he has personally experienced both the benefits and challenges associated with family controlled companies.  He has been described as “having Midwestern practicality with global competence” in dealing with wealth transfer issues.

In having Dr. White work with your family, he will help:

  • Facilitate healthy interactions between parents and adult children.
  • Diminish family tension around business succession issues.
  • Guide you to clarity about how much wealth to leave your heirs.
  • Prevent a sense of entitlement within your family’s next generation.
  • Promote the successful involvement of next generation members in the family’s philanthropy.
  • Avoid common pitfalls that wealth creates in relationships with others.
Dr. White works with families and business all across the country and is utilized by Princeton University, Dartmouth College and Fordham University to consult with their high net worth donor families.

To contact Dr. White about how he may serve you and your family, either call 316-681-4434 or email us.

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