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We’ve Combined Our Blogs — to be more efficient & timely

17Jul 2017

Friends,  my drpaulwhite.com blog was started several years ago (as www.drpaulwhite.com was the first website we built).  Over time, we added the website for the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory, our main website at appreciationatwork.com , and also thevibrantworkplace.com .

As the services I provided grew into different areas, I attempted to do a blog both for: a) the areas of family business coaching and educational assessment, and b) appreciation at work, toxic workplaces, and vibrant workplaces.  Eventually, this proved too much to keep up (and do well).

So we decided to synthesize the two blogs into our primary one at www.appreciationatwork.com/blog .  So please go there and see the latest information on relationships –both work-based and family-life.

Thanks!  Dr. Paul           


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